Saturday, 19 February 2011

Framing Practice Topic... Evoking Emotion in Film...

From the word go, i've always known that my dissertation would be written in context to film and film theory. It is an area of interest for me and something i feel comfortably writing about; being one of my biggest passions and the industry i would like to pursue a career in. I thought about what i could write about over and over in my head with endless possibilities that i contextualise with film theory. However, one thing that interests me is how film is used to evoke emotion. This concept of evoking emotion could be anything from anger to happiness and everything inbetween. What i aim to do now is pursue this topic further and find out how deep it goes. It's possible that there could be absolutely nothing on this topic, or the opposite; almost too much to take in. The research i do will let me know if this is a topic worth writing about or not...


  1. Ozu and Bresson.

    Their film style and philosophy was built specifically about controlling emotions of the viewer.

    Go watch now.

    Get some ideas.

  2. whoa that was quick :P im on it now thanks

  3. In fact. Isn't the point of any film to evoke some sort emotion within the viewer?

  4. Tom hits the spot! Bresson, I got advice to research Bresson. But I'm writting about audience manipulation etc :)