Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Phil's Tutorial Feedback...

After another really helpful conversation with Phil today, i seem to be getting on the right path and heading in the right direction with this project. Here's a list of points and research areas that Phil brought up during our discussion:

City Design - Looking into gothic revival architecture and underwater environments like kelp forests and coral reefs. Also he suggested looking at Strawberry Hill, a prime example of gothic revival architecture.

Texturing - Create some basic pillar and gothic architecture in Maya, then create various tiles of biro etchings to see what works well as a texture on the models; also playing with the lighting settings and bump maps etc.

Voice Over - Find a suitable voice over artist to suit the tone of the poem and use that to understand the mood, tempo and movement of my environment.

Sound - It would also be suitable to add a sound track, possible some sort of music, but i'll definitely need some suitable sound effects to match the tone and mood of the piece.

Another point Phil made was labelling each section in logical order, to show the progression of my work.

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