Friday, 18 February 2011

Texturing... Etching Shader Tests Continued...

Here are some more tests for the etching shader on the spiral staircase scene i'm currently modelling...


  1. Hey Ethan - obviously you're just trying stuff out, but I think it's important to retain some 'hand crafted', 'bespoke' feeling in this piece - something that stops it from looking too 'mass-produced'. Also, I think you should try working to a voice-track that doesn't have all the sfx included. It might feel more sophisticated that way - more 'honest'. Obviously, I'm not suggesting you can't continue to work up a soundscape - I'm just reiterating the fact that the one you have sort of robs all the human performance from the narrative - it sounds very tinny now.

  2. Hi Ethan, I would have to second Phils comments about the soundscape. I would associate that tinniness with reeds and wire and air, if you listen to sound underwater it has a muffled depth with the bass sounds coming through rather than the higher pitches. I feel the vocal performance captures that to a degree (reminds me of John Hurt BTW) so feeding off that and being subtle could create a more relevant and pleasing soundscape.

    The experimentation that you are carrying out with your mark making is really coming along the top two (especially the first one) remind me of the sort of illustrations that you would find in books like "More Adventure Stories for Boys" and its ilk, they tended to have a cross-hatched pen style.

  3. cheers for the feedback guys :) i know what you mean with the soundscape, it definitely needs to be more fitting with an underwater environment...