Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Animator and Animation Reviews... Jiri Barta...

Jiri Barta, a stop-motion animator and director, was born in 1948 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. His films, many of which used wood as a medium, have garnered critical acclaim and won many awards, but after the fall of the communist government in Czechoslovakia he was unable to release anything for about 15 years. Throughout the 1990s he tried to finding funding for a feature film called The Golem, but ultimately only managed to complete a short pilot in 1996. In 2006 he released his first computer-animated short film, and in 2009 he released a new puppet-animated feature film which was aimed towards children.

'Club of The Abandoned' is the Jiri Barta animation we watched, it was made in 1989. After watching, Jan Svankmajer's work and the Brothers Quay, i was expecting another unique piece of animation from Jiri Barta. It certainly didn't fall short of the weird and surreal category i would put Svankmajer's and the Brothers Quay into. This animation focused its attention on the story of abandoned maniquines in an abandoned apartment. I found the story very repetitive as the first half was all about the recurring lifestyle of the manequins. Then a new set of manequins came in and took over, this is where it became more stylistic and interesting, although the storyline never really interested me. I feel the problem is that these animations are beautifully stylistic but lack the kind of storyl;ine i have come to expect from the world of animation and film.

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