Monday, 15 March 2010

Character Designs...

So whilst we were watching King Kong today, i started to try and get into the habit of doing some little drawings and sketches for character designs like i see other people doing. My first drawing seemed quite muscular and masculine with what looked like a chest pulled right up. After that i soon realised that i was able to give different 'genders' and traits to my candlesticks by changing its shape. Here is a page of my designs so far, expect a lot more to come. I'm also going to produce a page that represents diferent expressions once i have a design for my character and then also do an animated version of each expression on another page.


  1. what do you mean 'while' you watching King Kong... :-( I'm not sure Willis O'Brien broke innovatory boundaries so you could drawing candlesticks... hurumph!

  2. I like these Ethan, you can tell the personality of each one well, they are simple but look good. Looks like you just put your foot in it though, lol!

  3. I can second Phil and Sam's comments lol. The candlesticks do contain personality and are simple enough to be replicated. One little moan though, take a sketch book into the next film (ducks from things being thrown by Phil :p). Lined paper for sketches is a no no, to the point where it is worth removing them in Photoshop, this will enhance the presentation and professionalism of the image. It is also worth taking out the gutter shadow as well.