Saturday, 20 March 2010

Essay Topic... Walter Elias Disney...

For me, there was no-one more inspirational and groundbreaking, in the world of animation, than Walt Disney. Growing up as a child there wasn't anyone who didn't know about Walt Disney and his films, and they hold out as some of the greatest films/animations in history. Even after his death, his legacy and company still live on. These are just a ew reasons why i have chosen to write my essay on the man that created and gave a voice to Mickey Mouse. I feel there is lots of opportunity when writing about disney to look at the 12 principles of animation, as well as giving examples of how he has inspires and influenced other animators and their animations. There is a lot of research that i can look into about Walt Disney soit is important to make sure i only note the really important parts for my essayotherwise i could take me all year. It will be worth considering films like Steamboat Willie, Snow White, and Fantasia among others to show how important his work is to the industry.

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