Friday, 5 March 2010


Psycho is a Thriller/horror film made in 1960, by director Alfred Hitchcock. This was only the second Hitchcock film i've seen and i must say, i'm definitely longing for more Hitchcock. It's clear that Hitchcock's films live up to his massive reputation. He's a master of filmmaking, and this film was no exception. This is a completely different film to Rope, but i'm already startig to see Hitchock's style within his film, ome lovely editing and camera angles/positions show just how great Hitchcock was at preparing his films. The shower scene in particular was a true example of what editing all about. However, i did find the ending to be a little bit predictable, maybe because i'm sure i've seen a similar film with that ending before, but i couldn't tell you what it was. Both Rope and Psycho have been based on true stories, which obviously meant Hitchcock had his story, which gave him the opportunity work his magic with the camera and in the cutting room. The film had mixed reviews from critics, with one even walking out before it ended. However, the public loved the film and caused the film to be re-reviewed, which lead to critics praising the film. I really enjpyed Psycho, the pace of the film is perfect and you're always waiting for something to happen. I also like the way we build up to seeing that the mother is dead, we never see her until the very end. This keeps the audience in suspense. After watching Rope, Psycho and some of Rear Window, i'm definitely going to start watching more Hitchcock films because they are truely inspirational masterpieces that inspire me to want to work in the industry more and more.

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