Sunday, 7 March 2010

Evaluating Unit 4 - Storytelling...

When i got the brief for unit 4, i set out thinking that this was a great oportunity to improve my creative development side of things. However, i also wanted to keep up the standards of my essay and my blog from the last unit as well as work on the storytelling as i know that that is one of my weaknesses to. Straight away, i set about getting some ideas for my 3 act story and did a lot of research into how i could portray my story. My original idea was a looney toon style slapstick comedy, which Phil felt was too arbitrary. I struggled to let go of this idea for quite a while, but i 'also took on board Phil's idea for the story as my second idea, working on both stories together. After a while, and putting some thought into Phil's idea, i started to prefer his idea because it was different, and the twist was somewhat expected. So i dropped my first idea and started refining the second idea. However, i was writing down my ideas and i had a structure in my head, but i wasn't sketching them out. This meant thatwhen i came rounf to start doing my skecthes and drawings i had done all the research, refined my 3 act story and idea, but i left it a little too late to improve my creative development skills.

In terms of my animatic, i felt there were some clear and well drawn panels, however, there were a few, like the changing of the look of my butterfly hunter that let it down slightly. I also feel that the tarnsition between the butterfly hunter becoming the hunted and the restaurant needs a little bit of tweaking, and like Phil said, it needs to be more clear and obvious that e becomes the hunted. I did feel that it needed some extra panels, but, the task was to create a 1 minute animation, and i had already gone over the minute so i didn't want to keep adding panels. In particular, i wanted to add some medium and wide shots of the restaurant being busy and intercut the wide, medium and closeups of the bugs, with the butterfly hunter struggling in the cacoon. I feel what was happening would be clearer throughout the animatic if i added sounds and it would have been more entertaining and enjoyable. I'm going to go in early monday moring to add some sound effects to see what difference that makes and i will post that version on my blog once it's complete. I feel it will definitely improve the animatic.

With my pre-vis, i felt that it was clearer and easier to understand what was going on. But i still feel the same problems with the animatic apply. However, I did give the butterfly hunter a stereotypical look and i'm glad phil picked up on that because i had a bit of fun doing that part.

The essay was an enjoyable part of the unit for me because i love video editing and i got the chance to do a lot of research and find out some really interesting. Watching the extras on Rope was a good insight into how the film was made and i used the director's commentary in Transformers to pick up on some interesting facts too. As usual Rotten Tomatoes was a life saver in providing reviews on both films, and i also found a few interest Q&A's with Michael Bay and his editors. I did spend a lot of time researching for my essay, and i ended up with reams of paper filled with quotes and content. This allowed me to write a lot in my essay and give some good all round quotes and information. However, i feel the conclusion ended up being rushed a little because i started to run out of time. This was a little bt disappointing, but i still feel i got a lot of good information and quotes in there to get my points across.

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