Monday, 1 March 2010

Unit 3 Environment Scene Retake...

With help from Sam and Alan, i have been able to give my scene more depth. Originally Sam showed mke how to create a fog effect using the enivornment fog in Maya reder options. However, when i spoke to Alan on Friday he showed me a more effective way of creating fog in Maya. It took a lot of changing in the settings, but eventually we were able to create an effective and realistic looking fog. This is definitely a massive improvement from the Photoshop effect i used in my original version. Alan also helped me put a light source from the torch. I had been struggling to get the light to come from the torch, but it turns out all i needed to do was turn the intensity up really high. Also, by changing the position of the spotlight slightly, Alan helped me create a realistic looking flashlight. Finally, i changed the specular colour and eccentricity to give the torch and wheelchair a more realistic reflection from the light source. I just need to add a digital background into the scene and i feel it will have a lot more depth. At the moment i already feel there is a vast improvement from the original and i have learned a lot more about Maya.

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  1. Well done Ethan, this looks well good, a vast improvement compared to your first. I have also put all the stuff you wanted from me onto my USB so ill just give u it next time i see you.