Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Wounded Candlestick... Idea #1...

I've been thinking about my story for my one minute animation and at the moment i have this idea that will allow me to practice and apply all of the 12 principles of animation clearly.

ACT 1: We establish that we are set in a dated period where light bulbs and electricity are a new-found invention and therefore our candlestick becomes rejected and rendered a decorative item. The candlestick becomes upset and down, giving me the opportunity to exhaggerate his mood.

ACT 2: In act 2 the candlestick decides he's going to do something about it and decides to try and break the lightbulb. we see him hop off of the cabinet he's on and slide across the floor towards the sofa. He hops onto the sofa and jumps up and downs similar to the lamp from pixar. here he grabs onto a spinning ceiling fan and flies towards the lightbulb, spinning around it to unscrew it. He falls to the floor with the lightbulb.

ACT 3: We see the lightbulb smashed and the candlestick has been wounded from the smashed glass. I'm not too sure how this would end yet, but i'd like to have it that the candlestick becomes useful again. but he has been cut up by the smashed glass.

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