Monday, 16 November 2009

Edward Scissorhands...

Watching bits of Edward Scissorhands half asleep a few weeks ago was a completely different experience to watching the film the all the way through. I'm surprised i've never watched this film all the way through because i absolutely love it. Although, it didn't get me in the christmas spirit because it's my birthday first. I think it was the feel good factor to this film that i liked the most, it follows the type of film structure i usually enjoy. Just when you think everything's going well, life hits an all time low, which pretty much relates to real life situations. I like the way the house on the hill is contrasted to the 'perfect' suburban neighbourhood, just as Edward is in contrast to the people of the neighbourhood. This is a great fairytale not too disimilar from the story of Frankenstein. It seems as though Edward is accepted by everyone at first, because of his uniqueness. But as society progresses and people turn on him, Edward comes to terms with the idea that he was much better off on his own. I particularly liked the machines in the mansion because they were almost human-like and definitely a style we would associate with Tim Burton. I've never really got into Tim Burton's work, but i am well aware of its popularity.

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