Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Research/Influences... Watchmen...

I've never really read the Watchmen comics or seen the film, in fact the first time i knew about it was when the film was first advertised. It somehow surprises me that i didn't know about the Watchmen as it seems to be a popular comic, although the characters seem pretty strange to me. Although i haven't seen the film, i was keen to see the production design and concept art for this film as i wanted to get a good idea of how modern digital painting and concept art has developed and changed from earlier examples i looked at. Looking through the book, you can see how much of an influence the comic book genre has on the artwork, much similar to what i've seen of marvel films. I found that the artwork for this film was very dark and gloomy, comparitive to scenes and artwork from The Dark knight. I did find it strange to grasp where this film was going based on its concepts and digital painting, because one minute it would seem quite a traditional style, which i assume follows the time period, whereas there was a lot of modern contempary concepts too. The thing i like about these modern films is how you can see a development from early sketch stages to the final 3D models and it never fails to amaze me, what the guys in the industry are producing. Looking at researching into books like these brings me great enjoyment and only further increases my hopes of working as a visual FX designer n the film industry.

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