Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Research/Influences... Armageddon...

I've looked into the making of many films in the past, but i've never looked into Armageddon which caught my attention when i was looking through the books in the library. I felt it was an ideal choice, seen as the unit was called space, and i felt the film was really well made for the time period that it came out. Looking at the concept art, i found that it was a more traditional style, more common for its time period, showing how not only the technology has developed, but so has the concept art. A lot of it seemed quite sketchy even though t was clear that it had been computer generated, perhaps this has something to do with our expectations, proving that as technology develops so does the standard that we expect. This style is very similar to the work of Alan Lee, but i found it slightly more modern.

It was again clear to see that from the early development stages of concept art right through to the later stages, how much the final product was influenced by these drawings. It's great to see step by step drawings showing the development from sketches to storyboards to final concept images and it was clear to see exactly how these artworks influenced the different shots.

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