Friday, 6 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 1 Thumbnails... The Prickly Crystals

I found it hard to find any influence or iamges related to the idea of "prickly"crystals, so i did some sketches based on my own knowledge. I had the idea that the crystal would come out of the rocks quite dramatically, following ideas depicted in the fantasy genre. i think i will give them a small blue/white glow because i like the sound of creating a fantasy based seen, similar to something like The Lord of the Rings, with i have referenced throughout, based on the fact that the the journey of the protagonists reminds me of Sam and Frodo's journey. I prefer the bottom drawing because i feel it looks much more realistic and dramtic, and i have tried to see what they will look like coming from the rocks in the top right image, but this isn't very clear. I feel it slooks much better and more realistic once i start to add cracks to the rocks to show it breaking through. I will develop these further into my didgital paintings and i can't wait to see what the glow will look like, if it's anything like the blue light i've used in my environment, then it should provide a great visual aesthetic.

Below is the only image i could find of the type of crystals i wanted, but it wasn't particularly helpful. i do like the glow from it though and this could be helpful when i am digitally painting them into my environment.

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