Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 1 Description...

After going through the first piece of text and highlighting the key details describing the environment, i found there were two different locations i could use. i then took these details and put them in bullet points under each enironment, this meant i was clearly able to identify how my environment should look. Here's my bullet points for the first environment:

- Few hundred feet, vertical ascent, seemed like a mile.
- Protagonists are chained.
- Heap of broken fungi.
- Narrow Clefts.
- Great drusy cavaties studded with prickly crystals, or thickly beset with dull, shining funoid
- Sometimes it twisted spirally and at other times slanted down nearly to the horizontal
- Intermittent drip and trickle of water nearby.
- Small living things rustled out of reach.
- For above came the familiar bluish light.

From these details and descriptions i was able to start drawing thumbnails and sketches based on each section and eventually i will be able to bring athese together to produce my final concept image.

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