Sunday, 8 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 3 Description...

In the second piece of text, there is only one environment described, which is the surface of the moon. to me it sounds more like the description for Mars, but like the other environments, i have picked out all the key information and put it into bullet points, so that it's easier for me to picture how the environment should look. The key information i found was:

- The glare of the sun is a faint tinge of amber.
- The shadows upon the cliff of the crater eall are deeply purple.
- To the East, a dark bank of fog still crouched and sheltered from the sunrise.
- To the West, the sky is blue and clear.
- White substance of snow here and there.
- Everywhere broad, rusty brown spaces of bare and tumbled earth spread t the blaze of the sun.
- Here and there, at the edge of the snow-drifts are transient little pools and eddies of water.
- The sun indated the upper two-thirds of the Sphere.
- The Sphere is lying upon a drift of snow.
- Scattered here and there upon the slope, emphasized by small unthawed threads of snow, are sticks. Which are dry and twisted, and the same rusty hue as the rocks they lay upon.
- Almost all the surface has a fibrous texture, like the carpet of brown needles found beneath pine trees.
- Among these needles are little round objects that seem to move.
- These little oval bodies were like small pebbles, and as they rolled over and cracked, a minute line of yellowish green seeped out.
- All down the sunlit slope, the little brown bodies burst and gaped apart, like seed-pods.
- The seeds thrust a rootlet downward to the earth and a bud into the air. In a little whil the whole slope was dotted with minute plantlets.
- The buds swelled and strained and opened with a jerk,thrusting out a coronet of red sharp tips, spreading a whorl of tiny, spiky, brownish leaves, that lengthened rapidly.
- The slope was dark with the stunted, olive-green herbage of bristling spikes.
- Along the upper edge of an Eastward rock was a similar fringe, swayed, bent and dark against the blinding gae of the sun.
- Beyond this fringe was a silhoutte of a plant mass, branching clumsily like a cactus and swelling.
- Westward, is another distended form rising over the scrub, but here the light fell upon its sleek sides and its colour is vivid orange. It thrust out blunt, congested branches, until in a little time it rose a cralline shape of many feet in height.
- Beyond, out of gullies and flats that had been hidden but not from the quickening sun, over reefs and banks of shining rocks, a bristling beard of spiky and fleshy vegetation was straining into view.
- There was a quickening of soil, a silent uprise of vegetation, this unearthly ascent of fleshliness and spikes. There was the intensest, sunlight and still amidst the stirring jungle was banks of bluish snow, wherever there was shadow.

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