Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Research/Influences... Iron Man...

Iron Man is one of my favourite Marvel films of all time, it has a great narrative and the visual effects is second to none. Therefore, i grabbed at the chance to look at the concept art and design production for this film. It was the first book that i looked through when i got back from the library and i certainly wasn't disappointed. from the beginning to the end of the book, it reflected the true success of the film and was a great inpiration for me to get started. Ryan Meinerding was responsible for a lot of the concept designs for the armour, along with Phil Saunders. Ryan Meinerding has only been a freelance concept artist and illustrator in the industry since 2005, but he already shows experience and knowledge that the veterans of the industry have. He has worked on Outlander, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Watchmen, and is currently woring on Iron Man 2. Phil Saunders is also a freelance concept artist and industrial designer, whose previous work has been within fields like the gaming industry, theme parks and product and automotive design. Since joining the film industry in 2001, Phil has worked on the likes of Superman Returns, Jarhead, Zathura and Spiderman 3. What particularly interested me about the concept art for this film was a type of concept art called keyframe art. It seemed to me that this was a more modern technique used to try and replica the shot that would be produced in the post-production stages. It was fascinating to see a development between the sketches, the coloured drawings, digital drawings and the actual models, both real-life and CG. This book would be a true inspiration to anyone aspiring to work on concept art, pre-vis work or CG-based work. The film was amazing and sometimes it's hard to forget how much work has actually been put into the product, as we often watch it in awe.

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