Friday, 6 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 1 Thumbnails... The Small Living Creature

In the text i have for environment one, i read about small living creatures rustling in the distance. Although the protagonists couldn't see the creatures properly they caught glimpses of them and heard the moving around. i thought it would be a good idea to add a creature, but only part of one because we don't need to see the whole creature, as the proagonists don't either, this would just be a nice visual aesthetic. i decided to show the creature moving away from, possibly in the foreground so that we only see its tail. Therefore, i looked at different tails for small creatures, mainly insects, and sketched a few designs out based on what i saw. I particulalry like the one at the top of the third page and the one on the left of the second page. i will need to see how these fit in when i composite them into my didgital sets. It maybe that the more basic designs will work better and look more visually pleasing because they aren't over the top, plus i don't want it to draw our attention away from the focal point of the image. I want the image to have a clear path that our eyes as drawn to, as Phil explained in todays digital painting class. i will develop these further using the graphics tablet to see which work best when tone, colour and shadows are added.

I based my sketches on pictures from Google images, which were pretty easy to find as i only had to look at small creatures tails like insects. there were loads of images and concept designs, i just had to choose the ones that looked best, and were most suitable for what i was going for.

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