Sunday, 8 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 3 Thumbnails... Composition

I decided to look into the composition for the moon surface, before i designed the specific surface itself. The description in the text reminded me more of Mars than the moon, mainly because of the colours that were described. Therefore it looked at some concepts for Mars and then used these to help me design some quick surfaces with compositions that i could use. I prefer the ones that guide your view through a path more than the one thats straight on, but im quite happy with the surface as well, although i think i will require some craters and i don't know if there would be big rocks on the moon. But overall, i am quite pleased with how these sketches turned out which will make things slightly easier for me because i feel this will be the hardest environment to accomplish, as there is so much that is described in a lot of detail. Below are the images i used, from Google images, to help e produce my sketches, you can see the similarities between my work and them. But, obviously this will change as i progress and develop the sketches.

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