Sunday, 8 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 2 Description...

This environment was taken from the same taext as the first, so i took the levant details and information out of the text for this environment. Then i reduced the sentences into clear and easy to read bullet points that would allow me to realise how my environment should look, and the key parts i need to include. This was thekey information i came up with:

- Barred, protagonists looking through bars.
- A large space.
- Lit by the same blue light as in the first environment.
- Water drips between the bars ever and again.
- Faint shadows play across the dim roof, far overahead.
- There were several Selenites, hacking at a soft substance.
- Clank as of chains, a whistle and a rumble as of a truck running over a hollowed place.
- The grating is flimsy and bendable.
- Protagonists looking up from the lowest portion of the sloping floor.
- It widens out as it receeds from the protagonists, and its roof comes down and hides the remoter portion altogether.
- Some distance away a thing like a trolley, cabledrawn and loaded with chunks of lax meat, was running up the slope of the cavern floor,
- A number of crow-bars lay about the floor, perhaps six feet long.
- The whole place is lit by three transverse streams of the blue fluid.
- It's near the surface.

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