Friday, 6 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 1 Thumbnails... The Fungi

On this page i decided to try out some different looks for fungi because it is found al over the place in my environment. I've also read that it glows or gives of some sort of light so that should be interesting to do during the development of my digital drawings. They are quite hard to see from this image, but my favourite one is the one on the left which is the biggest, although i feel it needs to look more damp and dull to suit the conditions of the underground cavern. In terms of colour, i think dull shades of grey, green and brown should be used, but i also need to remember that it glows slightly so think the predominant clour should be a green of som sort. I will develop these ideas further into the digital painting stages of my environment.

I based the images on pictures of fungi i found on Google images. I didn't find many good ones and they were all pretty similar, so this limited the different types i could try to draw, but i feel i got a good variety of types and loks to find a relevant one for what i want.

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