Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Research/Influences... Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within...

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was the only book that i chose which is completely created from CGI. I've always loved the fnal fantasy games not only for the gamplay, but the storyline and he groundbreaking cut-scenes that almost everyone will be familiar with. Final Fantasy X was probably my favourite game, famous for all the things i mentioned above and possibly one of the best Playstation 2 games ever. I've also seen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children which is another film made solely from CGI but it's in Japanese and is well worth the watch if you love the game series and anything visually amazing. But, this was the only book i could find based on Final Fantasy. I saw the film when it was first realised and i loved the CGI, but after watching it, i didn't get that wow factor like i do in the games or as i did when i saw Advent Children. Looking through this book, it's amazing to think how i couldn't have enjoyed such a visually pleasing film. When we are talking about a huge Japanese series like this i would always expect something special and it seems they went all out on this one in terms of artwork and production design. These Japanese artists never fail to amaze me, esecially in the Final Fantasy series as they seem to get better and better just when i think they've hit the boundary. Looking at the environmental design along with the characters and objects within the film is truely inspirational and is a key example of what hard work can produce. i like the range of sketches, coloured drawings, technical drawings an digital paintings that have been produced and you can see how they greatly influenced the rest of the production for the film. Truely inspiraional stuff!

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