Thursday, 5 November 2009

My Grade...

After receiving my grade for unit 1: Anatomy yesterday, i was pleased that i had passed and got it out the way. But, i feel there's a lot more to come from me and a lot more that will hopefully be improved upon in this next unit. I wasn't too sure about the whole marking system, so it was good to understand things and i feel i'm ready to get into the course properly. I was particularly happy with the critical feedback i received and how it was broken down into sections, because this will allow me to develop and improve my understanding and grade. It was clear to see that my blog was the main cause of concern, which has made me aware that i need to be blogging more. To improve my blog i feel i need to do more research and analysis as well as making sure im constantly writing my thoughts. I also feel that my idea development should be improved and that i should constantly be drawing and posting new ideas on my blog. I'm still getting used to the blog, but hopefully we will see a much bigger improve this unit, especially as it counts towards 60% of my overall grade. The written assignment was alright, but i feel that Phil wants me to write slightly more in-depth and detailed, as well as giving a broader range of views and ideas. This will involve slightly more research ad something that i'm definitely keen to improve upon in this unit. Phil also commented making sure the document is more professional and removing any clipart. Finally, was the Maya work which i was fairly happy with, but i knew where i had gone wrong, and if i had left some spare time over at the end, i would have been able to finish these properly. This unit, i have made sure that i start the Maya tutorials early allowing myself enough time to change any mistakes i make and amend any problems, giving me the chance of receiving a higher mark.

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  1. Hi Ethan,

    Just to clarify...

    Your submissions are broken down into two principle components;

    60% Creative Project (the final portrait, or, for Unit 2, your 3 finished concept paintings)

    40% Creative Development - this includes your blog, your written assignment and your Maya exercises; it works like this, your blog is weighted at 15% of your 40%, your written assignment is 15% of your 40% and your Maya exercises are 10% of the 40%; I calculate all those individual marks together to give the overall mark for the 40% Creative development component - and then, finally, a last calculation is done wherein the 60% mark and the total 40% mark are added together to give the overall mark for the unit...

    You've made a mistake above - the blog is part of the 40% component, not the 60%.

    More generally, Ethan - you did fine - I just think that you stayed well inside your comfort zone and didn't really let anything new or challenging influence you or move your forwards, so I'm really looking for you to push, push, push yourself and take on new ideas, new skills and let the challenges of the unit take you in new and fresh directions.