Monday, 9 November 2009

The First Men in the Moon... Environment 4 Description...

This is the last environment from the set of texts i was given, which is another cavern with a lot of machinery in. I have hghlighted the text to pick out key points and then formatted these into bullet points so i can clearly understand how my environment should look, based on the key details. This is the key information i broke the text down to:

- The protagonists emerge from the chamber to the cavern where the light had come.
- There was a stupefaction of the fungus.
- A mass of machinery in active movement, whose flying and whirling parts were visible indistinctly over the heads and between the bodies of the Selenites.
- There's a blue light thats peculiar and irradiates the whole place.
- Big shafts of metal flung up and out its centre, their heads travelling in a parabolic path; each dropped a sort of dangling arm as it rose towards the apex of its flight and plunged down into a vertical cylinder, forcing this down before it.
- Out of the top of the vertical cylinder came pouring this incandescent sunstance, that lit the place and dripped luminously into a tank of light below. it was a cold blue light, a sort of phosphorescet glow, and from the tanks into which it fell it ran in conduits athwart the cavern.
- The protagonists saw how exceedingly little the Selenites were against the full immensity of the cavern and machines.
- The cavern spread wide and low, and receeded in every direction into darkness. Its roof seemed to bulge down as if with the weight of the vast thickness of rocks that prisoned them.

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