Sunday, 29 November 2009

Maya Tutorials... The Street - Week 4...

So i've finally finished the street and i must say it was well worth the time and effort that i put in. It was a big jump from the likes of a fan, magnifying glass and toaster. Although, i spent most of my time complaining about problems with extruding and the UV texture mapping, i actually enjoyed this tutorial because i feel i've learnt so much. Not only have i learned to correct some of my problems and mistakes, i have learned more tools which is helpg e get used to the softwae. I actually feel like i could start to model and create my own objects with the software now, using the basic tool s and techniques Alan has already taught us in the space of only 8 weeks. This was a tricky and time consuming tutorial, but well worth it. Keep 'em coming Alan...


  1. Wow... Occlusion passes in the first year too? I'm somewhat jealous. Good job!

  2. Hi Ethan,

    Way to go! Everything looks in order. Excellent.

    So, onto the next project...I'm assuming its going to be a CG msterpiece - right? ;) Keep up the good work.

    Calm down Jonny!

  3. Haha yeah hopefully... i'm looking forward to seeing what you bring our way this unit, i'm really enjoying the maya work!